» » Sheena Ryder - Makin It Rain (FullHD)

Sheena Ryder - Makin It Rain (FullHD)

Description: Sheena Ryder is career pussy, dyed in the wool. 12 years active in sex work, Sheena has done it all. Nothing we do with Sheena here will be breaking any new ground for her. So, being in Vegas as we are, Sheena is an excellent tour guide for entertainment with woman of her caliber in Sin City. Pascal is not going to send her into subspace with the mere sight of his cock. He is however going to get a high-quality fuck, from a competent professional with a very in-demand skill set. Real talk here... too many punters come to Vegas thinking they are King Dick, only to discover they are in fact not. That approach actually ruins all the fun. Pascal, knowingly, takes a back seat and gets his cocked thoroughly serviced by Sheena, the hi-pro-hoe in submissive mode. She delivers her well-groomed pussy from all the right angles, gets P's dick way up in her throat, squirts, and even drains P out TWICE (once for the scene, and once in the photo shoot)! That's because Sheena knows how to provide the "all inclusive." It is a thing of beauty to behold, and it's always best to sit back and let it happen.

Sheena Ryder - Makin It Rain (FullHD)

Cast : Sheena Ryder
Video Name: Makin It Rain

Genres: All Sex, MILF, Brunette, Big Tits, Big Ass, Stockings
Duration: 00:25:41

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: MP4 | Size: 648 MB

22-05-22 27

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