» » ISarah Diavola - Creepy Doctor Gets Ass Fucked (FullHD)

ISarah Diavola - Creepy Doctor Gets Ass Fucked (FullHD)

Description: Sarah Diavola comes to in a hospital with a Doctor (Draven Navarro) checking her vitals. She is wearing shiny pantyhose, a high cut leotard, sock and sneakers. She was not wearing this before she got there… “Doctor, why am I here? What happened!?” “We dressed you when you arrived. I’m afraid I have bad news… you are terminal…” Sarah jumps up and tries to enthusiastically explain that she’s fine. The doctor sits her down and explains that there is only one procedure that might save her… He grabs a pink dildo… “You have to shove this up my ass ma’am.” Sarah watches the doctor disrobe and notices that he’s wearing a chastity device. He tries to brush it off. She proceeds to pound his ass like her life depends on it, because she thinks it does. She starts to get really into it. In the process, she gets the doctor to admit that he’s not really a doctor and this is just his ploy to get her to fuck his ass. He begs her to keep going. She fucks him so hard he asks her to marry him. She agrees and continues to pound his ass.

ISarah Diavola - Creepy Doctor Gets Ass Fucked (FullHD)

Cast : ISarah Diavola
Video Name: Creepy Doctor Gets Ass Fucked

Genres: Femdom, Strap-on, Pegging, Anal, Chastity, Pantyhose, Dildo, Anal Play
Duration: 00:17:15

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: MP4 | Size: 1017 MB

03-05-20 12

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