» » Alex Coal, Anny Aurora, Spencer Bradley - Lust Triangles: Out Of Our Lives For Good (FullHD)

Alex Coal, Anny Aurora, Spencer Bradley - Lust Triangles: Out Of Our Lives For Good (FullHD)

Description: Alex Coal and Spencer Bradley, a couple, are waiting for Alex's ex-girlfriend, Anny Aurora, to arrive. The reason they are meeting with Anny is so that she can sign over her half of the house, though Alex is anxious that Anny won't want to do it. Spencer calms Alex down, gently reassuring her and asking her to remain positive. It works, and Alex thanks Spencer for being so compassionate. They start to make out, not realizing that Anny has just walked in. Anny immediately flaunts her keys before Alex and Spencer, bragging that she STILL owns half of the house. Alex isn't happy about her behavior, and the two get into an argument. Spencer, feeling out of place, excuses herself to take a shower so that Alex and Anny can be alone to work out their differences. Now alone, Alex tries to reason with Anna but doesn't get anywhere. Anna excuses herself to go to the bathroom, leaving Alex fuming. Upstairs, Anny finds Spencer in a bathroom as she is preparing to take a shower. Though Spencer is taken aback, she agrees to let Anny in to chat. As they discuss, it becomes clear that Anny finds Spencer attractive. At one point, Anny agrees to relinquish her half of the house if Spencer has sex with her. Seeing this as the best way to get what she and Alex want, Spencer agrees. Anny and Spencer make out while groping themselves over their clothes. They remove their tops and continue making out while licking each other's tits. Spencer then fully undresses Anny and begins eating her out on the countertop. Anny moans with pleasure but is quickly hushed when Alex knocks on the bathroom door. Anny quickly hides behind the door as Spencer goes to greet Alex, opening the door open a crack. As Spencer talks with Alex through the crack in the door, Anny begins fingering and eating Spencer out. Alex is none the wiser and eventually goes back downstairs. Spencer is relieved, but can't help start making out with Anny again, who kneels and removes Spencer's underwear. Lifting her leg onto Anny's shoulder, Spencer lets Anny masturbate her pussy. They then get onto the floor and scissor each other until they orgasm. Anny and Spencer put themselves together, with Anny going to join Alex in the bedroom to discuss signing the papers. Anny plays a similar card as she did with Spencer, agreeing to fork over her half of the house if Alex has sex with her. Alex is put-off but decides that it might just be the quickest way to be rid of this situation. They begin making out and groping each other over their clothes until Alex pushes Anny onto her back and fully undresses her. Alex eats Anny out but is soon surprised to hear Spencer knocking on the bedroom door. Alex runs to the door and opens it slightly to speak with Spencer. As Spencer and Alex chat, Anny comes up behind Alex and rubs her ass over her panties. Luckily, Spencer doesn't catch on and leaves them alone again. Alex and Anny go back to the bed, where Alex lies on her back as Anny undresses her and kisses her body. Anny rubs Alex's pussy until it soaks, eventually lying her on her back as she invites Alex to climb on top of her for 69. Alex does, and this culminates in Alex orgasming as she facesits on Anny. Spencer and Alex may now have the house, but will they be able to rest easy knowing that Anny is out there with the secrets of their adultery?

Alex Coal, Anny Aurora, Spencer Bradley - Lust Triangles: Out Of Our Lives For Good (FullHD)

Cast : Alex Coal, Anny Aurora, Spencer Bradley
Video Name: Lust Triangles: Out Of Our Lives For Good

Genres: Brunette, Natural Tits, 69, Hairy, Facesitting, Tribbing, Lesbian, Lingerie, Almost caught, Black Hair, kissing, pussy eating
Duration: 00:59:52

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: MP4 | Size: 2.06 GB

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