» » Jo, Asia Vargas - Jo, Asia Vargas The Return Of Jo Episode 7 (FullHD)

Jo, Asia Vargas - Jo, Asia Vargas The Return Of Jo Episode 7 (FullHD)

Description: Gorgeous Colombian babe Asia Vargas is in the shower, as episode seven of Sandra Shines erotic lesbian series "The Return Of Jo" begins. The hot Latina is joined by her naked girlfriend, who soaps up her sexy body, paying particular attention to her lovely breasts. They kiss passionately under the cascading water, grinding together with thighs entwined. Asia turns Jo around and presses her against the tiled wall, fingering her slippery pussy, then kneels to rub her clit and lick her voraciously. The perky blonde turns around and Asia sucks her nipples, then resumes eating her pussy, giving her an intense orgasm. Jo sinks down to the floor and Asia fingerbangs her vigorously, making her climax again and again. Now Asia lies in Jos arms to get her own pussy stroked and fingered, the sticky squishing sounds of her arousal mingling with her blissful moans. She stands, straddling Jos face to get licked to an overwhelming climax.

Jo, Asia Vargas - Jo, Asia Vargas The Return Of Jo Episode 7 (FullHD)

Cast : Jo, Asia Vargas
Video Name: Jo, Asia Vargas The Return Of Jo Episode 7

Genres: Lesbian
Duration: 00:23:43

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: MP4 | Size: 1.32 GB

16-10-22 23

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