» » Juliette - Juliettejuliette Left Romeo At Home (FullHD)

Juliette - Juliettejuliette Left Romeo At Home (FullHD)

Description: Welcome back friends! We have another doozy for ya this week. 19 year old Nurse's Aide Juliette stopped by and I donít think Iíve ever met someone named Juliette before. The only time Iíve heard that name is from that historical play. Juliette is bubbly, fun, and has one hell of a southern draw. Sheís a pretty adorable little package with personality to spare. Once Rick gets her in the office and on the couch we get to know her a bit better. She works in a nursing home taking care of the old folks and is looking for a change. She has a boyfriend, but he doesnít seem to mind if she sucks dicks for money and willingly sent her out the door. It was probably easier thinking sheís just coming for an interview, so I wonder if sheíll spill the beans when she gets home. Once sheís out of that dress and those undies, it's toy time. She plays and has some fun for a bit, then itís in with a butt plug that gives her no trouble. Sheís still smiling when itís time to put my cock in her mouth and she does a great job of sucking me and playing to the camera. I get to fuck her pussy in a few positions, and she does a great job of riding my cock in facing cowgirl. She eats some ass for the first time. She gets her first taste of anal in a while over the desk, and she handles that pretty well too. Once I get a really nice gape for a newbie, and make her taste her ass off my cock, I unloaaaad that baby batter in her rump, and we get a lovely anal creampie (squirt) all over the place. She seems to have had a great time today, and she could totally make her way in the jizz biz, but unfortunately for her and the boyfriend she isnít gonna make that in-road from us, so off you go little Juliette <3 Cam

Juliette - Juliettejuliette Left Romeo At Home (FullHD)

Cast : Juliette
Video Name: Juliettejuliette Left Romeo At Home

Genres: Gonzo, Hardcore ,Couples, All Sex, Anal
Duration: 00:48:49

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: MP4 | Size: 3.13 GB

25-12-22 11

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