» » Kyler Quinn - Kyler Quinn In Frenemies Pt. 1 (FullHD)

Kyler Quinn - Kyler Quinn In Frenemies Pt. 1 (FullHD)

Description: Tyler (Cruise) is on the living room couch looking at his phone. In the doorway his stepsister Kyler (Quinn) is talking on her phone, saying: "What? You've got to be kidding me. That's gross. Me? Help her? Who the f*ck does she think she is? Okay, TTF LSD. I'll talk to you later", ending her chat. She walks over to Tyler and says: "You'll never guess what I just heard. What, don't you want to know? You know Liz?". "Liz...", Tyler responds. "Liz -I introduced you at my birthday party. Come on, she's my ex-best friend", Kyler points out. "Oh right -Liz", he acknowledges. "Anyway, Liz, who told Mike, who told Misty, who obviously just told Olivia, that Liz has a crush on, I can't believe, has a crush on you. Isn't that hilarious? Come on", Kyler says. "What's so funny?", he asks. "Isn't it obvious? Am I really going to have to spell it out for you? It's obvious she's only doing it to make me mad. How could she have a crush on my stepbrother that she's only met once", Kyler maintains. "Is that really so unbelievable?", he wonders. "Yeah, it's obvious she's doing it just to make me mad", she reiterates. "If I remember right, she's pretty hot", Tyler claims. "Are you f*ckig serious right now?", she asks. "What, she's hot, if I'm remembering right", he replies. "She's not even that pretty", she says. "But she's pretty enough", he responds. "You're disgusting", she concludes. "This is really getting under your skin. Are you jealous or something?", he asks. "No. Me jealous of what?", she asks. "That I'm interested in her", he replies. "As opposed to...?", she begins. "You", he replies. "No", Kyler says. "That's it, isn't it?", he asks. "No. You're my stepbrother", she says. "So what, I mean, you're hot and I'm hot", he says. "You're really desperate, aren't you?", she asks. Tyler gets up from the couch exasperated, and she yells: "Wait! Where are you going?", she demands. "I'm going to get Liz's phone number", he replies. She gets up and declares: "No you're not". "Why do you even care?", he asks. She just shakes her head, and Tyler leaves the room. Later, Tyler is lying on his bed looking at his phone, and masturbating. The phone shows a photo of lovely brunette Liz (Jordan), Kyler's ex-best friend. Kyler slowly enters the room and says "Phew!". "You never heard of knocking?", Tyler complains. "Uh, so you were up to no good", she says. "You're acting weird", he retorts. Kyler sits on the bed, saying: "Handsome, I've been thinking...". "Thinking about what?", Tyler asks. "Why hasn't anything happened between us, you know?", she wonders. "Well, first we barely know each other, and plus we're step-siblings", he pronounces. "Doesn't that make it more exciting?", she says. "F*ck", he whispers. "F*ck what?", she asks lasciviously. "You're only doing this 'cause of Liz", he alleges. "And so what if I am?", she replies. "This is getting weird", he reiterates. "I just never realized how cute you are", she says, fondling Tyler's knee. "And you, don't you think I'm cute too? Come on, I see the way you look at me", she adds. He raises a hand to indicate she should stop, and says: "Kyler". "Tyler", she replies. She removes her shirt, with a tank top revealed underneath. "What are you doing?", he asks. "I mean, you've seen me before. Don't you want to see more?", she asks, lifting up her tank top to reveal her bra underneath . "Don't you like what you see? Come on, just a little taste. One kiss", she says, leaning forward and kissing him. "Kyler, I'm not sure this is a good idea", he protests. "What, don't you want to?", she asks. "And you?", he wonders. "Yes, do you think I'm prettier than Liz, don't you?", she asks. "Yeah", he agrees. She fondles his crotch through his jeans, saying: "It looks like you like it. It's nice and hard". . "What, do you want me to stop?", she asks while stroking his pants covering his cock. "You like it", she says, unzipping his fly. "It looks like you like that too. We can go nice and slow -I didn't know you were this big", she says. Laughing, she pulls down his jeans, and feels his dick through his boxers. "I really like it. Can I see it?", she asks. She pulls down his drawers, and his dick pops out, causing her to declare: "Wow". She holds his dick and says: "That's perfect. Look at it", and strokes the shaft gently, saying "I like how it feels in my hands. What if I lick it?". She does, then kisses the tip, whispering: "I like it". Watch the taboo scene continue, and get ready for Liz Jordan's appearance in Part 2.

Kyler Quinn - Kyler Quinn In Frenemies Pt. 1 (FullHD)

Cast : Kyler Quinn
Video Name: Kyler Quinn In Frenemies Pt. 1

Genres: Feature, Hardcore, All Sex, Couples
Duration: 00:40:47

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: MP4 | Size: 1.93 GB

31-07-22 11

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